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We focus on your applicants experience to make the process clean and quick. Our goal is to make you look great! 

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Automated Compliance

FCRA, EEOC... You have plenty to worry about, let us help you to keep your I's dotted and your T's crossed.

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Custom Packages

You are your own company and do things your way. We will not force you into a preselected package! Build the package that meets your specific needs!

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Candidate Experience
​Your Applicants Will Love Our System

Meet your candidates where they are. We offer 4 easy ways to order your reports

Link in your email

Have a custom link that you place in the emails you are already sending out. They are specific to:

  • Your Company
  • The Applicant Position
  • The Hiring Manager
  • Billing Codes

Applicant Quick Invite

Input your aplicants name, email and/or cell number, we will do the rest.

  • We will send you applicant an email and/or text to complete the background check
  • We will electronically present all required documents to be signed
  • You will be notified when the report is completed.

ATS Integration

Are you using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that you love?

  • We have Pre-built integrations with many ATS / HCM platforms
  •  Full API documentation and guides if you want to integrate with your own system.  integrate with your own system. 

Paper forms

Remember when we all used paper? Well, it still works best in a few situations.  Have your applicants fill out the paper forms

  • Upload them into our system so you are always compliant
  • If it works for you and makes you look great, we will offer it.

​Automated Compliance

Compliance Built-In

The FCRA,  EEOC, and your state laws require employers to follow certain procedures for background checks with consent, disclosures, and  adverse action notices.

Yep, they are built into our system!

Bank-Grade Security

Our primary data center is a SSAE 16 SOC II Certified; PCI, HIPPA audited; NEBS Standard Compliant; Telecom-Class data center. Employee access requires both a badge and a fingerprint scan.

That means we take securing your data very seriously! 

Signatures, & Disclosures

We will present your applicants with all the required disclosures and information required.  They will sign electronically

Reasons to Screen

Conducting employee background checks is an important part of protecting your staff and your company. They help maintain the safety of your employees. Plus, they can shield your business from a host of potential problems that can result from hiring an undesirable worker.

#1 - You Must Avoid Legal Liability

If you fail to check the background and history of an employee and that employee hurts someone in the workplace, your company could be held liable. Negligent hiring lawsuits happen all the time and employers pay big money.

#2 - Validate the Applicant's Skills

Just because a job applicant claims that they are qualified for something or experienced in a certain field doesn’t mean that it’s true. Use NATSB’s Employment and Education Verifications, reference checks, and license verifications to validate their claims.

#3 - To Prevent Office Violence

Violence in the workplace carries enormous cost and risk. Not only does it potentially expose your staff to physical harm, but it disrupts your company’s operations and your pocketbook. While doing an extensive background check doesn’t guarantee a new employee won’t act violently, it’s one of the most effective and preventative measures you can take.

#4 - Avoiding Employee Theft

A large percentage of the people who steal items from the companies for which they work have a history of doing so. Checking an employee’s background can reveal whether a prospective hire has been fired or convicted of theft in the past.

#5 - Avoiding Nuisance Lawsuits

There are people who apply for jobs, secure a position and then sue the company that has hired them. It may take the form of a worker’s compensation claim. You can find out whether a job applicant has a history of filing these types of lawsuits.

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