Healthcare/Medical Sanction Check 

NATSB offers three different levels of Healthcare Sanctions Checks to help ensure your candidates are qualified and in good standing. These searches check primary sources for exclusions, debarment, sanctions, and disciplinary actions.

Each additional search level checks additional federal- and state-level sources for a more extensive search. 

 365 Daily Monitoring     

Monitoring can be added to Level 1, 2 or 3.

Avoid OIG penalties of up to $10,000 for every day the excluded individual worked.

NATSB will continuous monitor your employee against your selected level of search to ensure no new actions are reported. 

The Screening Process

 Level 1                                                         

Ideal for low-risk employees and contractors not involved with patient care.

Meet minimum federal requirements as outlined in the OIG’s Compliance Program Guidance.

Searches - OIG Exclusion LIst & SAM

+ DEA, Tri-Care


Level 2 (1M)                                                                                    

Level 2 is ideal for moderate-risk employees and contractors such as administrators. Considered the minimal “best practice”

Level 2 (1M) includes all of Level 1 plus state-level FHEP-related data. This includes information such as state offices of the Medicaid Inspector General or equivalent (28 states), state-level Attorney General News, Medicaid task force (“HEAT”) content and any state-level contractor or procurement debarment data.

Level 1M search is now considered the minimal “best practice” due to recent changes in the federal guidelines and under some states’ regulatory schemes.

Searches - OIG Exclusion LIst & SAM

+ DEA, Tri-Care, 40 state Medicaid Data



Level 3 

Ideal for high-risk individuals and contractors — anyone directly involved in patient care or with direct access to patients, such as physicians, nurses, physical therapists, pharmacists, specialized contractors.


This is the gold standard of healthcare exclusion and debarment screening. This check includes all of the items contained in FACIS Level 1/2 (1M) (OIG sanction check) and the sanctioning boards from all 56 US jurisdictions across all provider types. This check accesses more than 3,000 sources. While this search exceeds minimum federal requirements, it offers full coverage for a high-level risk management policy.

Searches - OIG Exclusion LIst & SAM

+ DEA, Tri-Care, 40 state Medicaid Data, and Board Actions

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