• Employee Screening

    We know how critical the hiring process is to you. Quite literally, the next 
    person you hire could be the reason for your company's success or failure.

Employee Screening

We simplify the hiring process for you. If it's information and you need it, we can get it! It is our goal not only to become your background screening provider, but also to become your partner.

We strive to achieve this by offering you personalized customer service and education on the screening process, as well as helping you to understand your screening options and we can offer suggestions on industry best practices.

The Screening Process

Applicant Quick Invite. 
To place an order you simply log into NATSB’s SHARP (Successful Hire and Retention Platform) account. Key in the applicant's full name and email. It is just that simple.

An email is automatically sent to the applicant inviting him/her to click on a link to input their information and sign authorization electronically. This invitation email is customizable with your own wording and logo. Signed authorization documents are kept online together with the background screening report, easily accessible should they be needed.

Paper Option 
NATSB also has printable authorization forms available on SHARP that can be filled out by the applicant, entered by you and uploaded and stored. NATSB also provides an applicant information form that collects the initial information needed to begin the search.

If your search requires special forms to complete the report (ie. work comp, education verification, authorization and disclosure) you can either fax or upload the documents to our system so they can be attached to your applicants' on-line file. Our clients have found this is a great place to store important documents and auditors love the consistency and ease of availability.

After you verify your order and price, you submit your request to our trained research staff and the process begins. Some of the components are returned within minutes and others can take hours to days to complete. You can rest assured that your account manager is processing your request as quickly and accurately as possible. You also have the ability to login to the system at any time and see what components are completed and which are pending.

You can view the results and progress of the report as we are processing it, and review the report when it is complete. Your report can be delivered in several different ways:
•  We can email you a summary and you can login to view the full report.
•  We can fax the entire report to you.
•  We can deliver the report via an XML gateway to another system.
Once completed, your report is then stored in our system and automatically archived after two years.