Components of a background search

    We offer a range of services that are tailored to meet your specific needs. Our most requested services include:

    • Criminal background checks: This service involves searching for any criminal records associated with a candidate, such as arrests, convictions, and pending charges.

    • Employment verification: This service verifies an applicant's employment history, including past job titles, dates of employment, and reasons for leaving.

    • Education verification: This service verifies an applicant's educational history, including the degrees or certificates they have earned, and the institutions they attended.

    • Credit background check: This service checks an applicant's credit history, including credit score, outstanding debts, and any bankruptcies or foreclosures.

    • Drug Testing: This service checks for the presence of drugs in an applicant's system, typically through a urine or blood sample.

    • International background check: This service checks an applicant's background in other countries, which can be especially important for companies that have a global presence.

    • Identity Verification: This service verifies that the identity of the person that is being screened is the same as the one presented.

    • Licensing and certification verification: This service verifies that an applicant holds the necessary licenses or certifications for the job they are applying for.

    • Social Media check: This service examines the applicant's social media profiles for any information that may be relevant to their qualifications or suitability for the job.