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Building a complete and comprehensive background check is like putting together a puzzle, you need the correct pieces and the expertise to see the “true picture”. One of our client solutions specialists can help you identify which pieces you need in your search to give you the best picture. Then our trained researchers provide the expertise to gather the information.
At National Screening Bureau our goal is to put the pieces together, quickly and accurately, to give you a “total and complete” picture of your applicant.
We serve thousands of clients from Florida to Alaska in all industries. 

Elements of a Background Check

At National Screening Bureau, we have a very unique screening process. We begin by checking the name of your applicant. If the name is invalid, we give you the option to verify and correct it saving you time and money.

There are several elements to conducting a thorough background check. At a minimum, we recommend every check include our standard search, which includes:
• ID Verification
• 50 State Sex Offender Search
• Multi-Jurisdictional Records Search (National)
• County Criminal Records Search (Each)
You should then consider the person's role and function in your organization and whether it is critical to include additional searches in the background check. Our screening specialists can provide guidance on when additional searches may be necessary.
Example: If you are screening an employee or volunteer who will drive a vehicle for your organization, you should also include a search of Motor Vehicle Records. If the individual will handle finances for your organization, it is wise to also run a Credit Report.

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